Records management

Skriv ut

As an archival institution for the authorities in the municipality of Stockholm, as well as for the government agencies on a regional level in the county, we oversee that they operate in accordance with the Freedom of the Press Act. This act stipulates that all Swedish citizens should have access to public information (Principle of Publicity), created at or received by the authorities, unless it underlies restrictions defined in the Secrecy Act.

We ensure that the laws (especially the Archives Act) and other regulations in this area are being followed. In this way we contribute to the preservation of the archives for future generations.

An important responsibility we have is to conduct regular inspections at the authorities. We also give advice on matters concerning records management, for instance by offering courses and publishing guidelines. We continously improve the working methods within the records management in the city, and in the county. One way of doing this is to decide archival regulations of how records management should be conducted. Another part of our remit is to ensure that archive storages at the authorities meet our standards and requirements as well as deciding what information, in all its formats, can be disposed of.