The Roteman database 1878-1926

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The picture shows roteman Carl August Lundberg (to the left) in his office in the parish of Katarina.

The Roteman Archives contains population records. The Roteman Institution was established under a government ordinance from November 10, 1876, as well as a decision of the Stockholm City Council from June 1, 1877.

About the Roteman Institution: On January 1, 1878, Stockholm was divided into 16 wards, called rotar, with about 8,000 to 10,000 inhabitants each. Every rote was assigned one roteman who administered the work of the Roteman office. This roteman population registration system was in operation for nearly 50 years (18781926). By 1926, when the system was abolished, the number of wards had increased to 36 due to the population increases and to the incorporation of two suburban parishes into the city.

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 Article in English about the Roteman Archives.

This is an extract from P.K. Hall, R. McCaa and G. Thorvaldsen, Handbook of International Microdata for Population Research, IMAG, Minnesota Population Center, Minneapolis 2000.